Darren James — professionally known as Dee Jay CEO — has been immersed in music and DJ cutlure his whole life. Born in 1985 in Queens, NY., Darren began experimenting with turn-tables at age 13 and eventually bought an Stanton STR8-50. He would download free beats off websites like Soundclick and mash them up, or download acapellas and create remixes using existing instrumentals.

By 2006, Darren began going by the trade name ‘Dee Jay CEO’ and found success playing hip-hop clubs and events in Brooklyn and Queens. Now age 33, Dee Jay CEO has expanded his musical horizons and is now a full open-format DJ serving the entire New York City area. Using Soundcloud promotion to grow his account, Dee Jay CEO now has a sizable following on the platform. While he still specializes in hip-hop, Dee Jay CEO also has an extensive catalog of Top 40, Deep House, Melbourne Bounce & Trap music sourced from popular DJ pools like Club Killers, Direct Music Service and more.

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